Fried Okra

Our veggie garden has had a tough time of it this summer with the drought and the blazing heat.  Still, some things are starting to produce.  Our okra plants have been doing quite well.

Okra growing in our veggie patch.

In the same family as hibiscus plants, okra is quite pretty.  Its blooms are pretty showy.  After they’re spent, they develop into the long, slender, edible seed pods.  I picked a bunch and then my husband sliced, battered, and fried them up, yum!

Frying up the okra!

Our pug, Apple, was pretty sure some of the okra was for her.

Down-home deliciousness!

Besides the okra, the tomatoes are finally starting to come in, too.  Not a huge yield this year, but there is nothing tastier than a fresh heirloom tomato, so I’ll take whatever I can get.