Dog Park!!!

One of the things I find myself enjoying most when I visit proper urban areas are the dog parks. Columbus just doesn’t seem to have many. So when I travel, I am one of the weird ‘petophiles’ you see hanging around outside the fence at dog parks, watching other people’s puppies romp. I miss my pups when I’m on the road ! Plus, I just love dogs, all dogs. I love watching all of the various city pooches playing together. So imagine my joy when I learned that a new park  that just opened near me included a dog park. Thrilled doesn’t even cover it.

dogpark 009

Abe, Gus, and Chico running with a new friend in the big dog dog park.

Walnut Woods Metro Park is opening piece by piece. Tall Pines? That was the first area of the park to open. The Buckeye Area is the second stage of the park. A lovely 2 mile paved bicycle path winds through it, weaving through groves of crabapple and other trees (this was also part of the tree farm) and then down along Walnut Creek for a stretch. A third part is scheduled to open in October. But best of all, the Buckeye Area features a 4 acre dog park.

Actually, 2 dog parks.  There is an area for smaller dogs (maybe 1  acre) and then a separate area (maybe 3 acres) for larger dogs. Both times that we have taken our dogs, we were the only small dogs and a lone dog watched from the big dog area. After checking with that dog’s owner, we brought our dogs into the big dog area.  It’s sort of magical to me how immediately the dogs all decide to run around together, no issues with varying sizes. Just romping!

dogpark 004

Splash pond in big dog area.

The dog parks are quite well planned.  Both are pleasingly spacious, have good fences, and include thoughtful details for the people bringing the dogs, like benches and picnic shelters for shade. The big dog area also includes a little splash pond for the dogs. Mine mostly weren’t too interested about going in the water, except for Abe. The first time he ventured in was hilarious. He was following his new friend, a boxer/shepherd mix who ran straight into the water. About 2 feet from the shore, Abe stopped and sort of just stood there, processing and not sure exactly what to do next. Eventually, he backed up, only to splash back through the shallow part a few more times.

dogpark 002

Happy pups!

The dogs all seem to flat-out LOVE visiting the dog park. It is a pure joy to watch them tearing around and having fun. Chico in particular seems to really love the wide open spaces, running at top speed all around like a wild thing, looking for all the world like a miniature greyhound. The fact that the dogs are all well-behaved, sleepy lap nuggets when we get home? Gravy.