Midsummer Supermoon

Last Saturday, my husband and I thought we’d try to view the Supermoon from the water. We loaded up our kayaks and drove out to Hoover Reservoir. It was still fairly light when we first put in:005Light, and fairly cloudy…would we see the moon, or would it be hidden behind the clouds? Then, peeking up over the treeline:

009Supermoon! Of course, we’d both forgotten our cameras so these phone snaps aren’t quite up to the challenge of showcasing how lovely the moon was. Huge and bright!


Since we were on the water at night, we used the cool DIY kayak lanterns my husband made: a few feet of electrical conduit pipe topped by a simple solar LED garden light. You just pop the light, stake and all, into the pipe, then put the pipe into one of the rodholder holes. (We have kayaks designed for anglers, hence the rodholders.) The idea wasn’t to light our way, just to make ourselves visible to other boats. Easy as pie, cheap, and safe. 011It was a very peaceful night. Things were still and calm. I really enjoyed the opportunity to slow down, watch the fireflies, listen to the gentle lapping of the water against the shore, and bask in the moonglow. I could have stayed out all night.076Happy belated Supermoon 2013!