The Best Bouquets…



aren’t found in a vase! Although I enjoy having flowers inside, I love to see them growing outside even more. I’m pretty tender-hearted and have a hard time cutting flowers from my yard to use indoors.

This summer, my husband and I are going to try something different with regards to growing flowers. Instead of growing even more vegetables in our community garden plot, this year we’re going to plant a cutting garden. We’ve already got a bunch of seeds. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If the flowers are expressly grown to be harvested for bouquets and they aren’t part of my garden’s design, I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to cut some. ūüėä

Here are some more of the daffodils currently putting on a show in our garden:


Yea and Boo in the Garden

On the “Yea” side?¬† More and more varieties of daffodils are doing their thing.¬† Lovely!

004012015Oh, and here’s what the Japanese Cornel Dogwood looks like now that it is blooming: (I showed the buds a while ago here: 006

On the “Boo” end? This. 019Look at that bold behemoth! Just one of the giant not-so-dandy dandelions already overtaking the garden.¬† Boo!




002Okay, so technically these are tete-a-tete narcissus blooms, not daffodils.  But you know what I mean.  Daffodils are starting to bloom here at home and I am thrilled!  When we left on our trip 2 weeks ago, we were chased by a doozy of a winter storm.  We spent the first few hours driving through falling snow.  Eventually we did outrun the weather.  As we headed further and further south, we got to hopscotch through different phases of spring.  In Memphis, we saw blooming pear trees and magnolia trees getting ready to put on their shows.  In New Orleans, it was late spring.  Most of the azaleas were a week past their prime, but some citrus trees were blooming.  (The scent was divine!)  And as we drove, we saw the hazy yellow-green mist on the trees lining the highways solidify and deepen as their leaves emerged.

Needless to say, my appetite for spring was thoroughly whetted.¬† What a joy to return home and find the little tete-a-tetes, the second bulbs to bloom following the croci, in full bloom.¬† This week, many other daffodils have begun to follow suit.¬† Lovely.¬† I’m looking forward to watching spring slowly unfurl here at home!



Spring Blooms

White and pink daffodils

It has been an odd spring, with a few days of abnormally high temperatures that have thrown normal bloom times out the window.  Then we had a fairly hard frost last night.  Hopefully things that started earlier than usual will survive.  Here are some pictures from around our yard, there has already been some really beautiful stuff happening this spring!

The yellow magnolia tree, which didn't have a very long bloom time this spring because of the weird weather ---too warm, too fast. But it sure was pretty for the three days or so when it was in bloom!

Close-up of magnolia flower.

'Appalachian Red' redbud tree. The color is so glorious, more fuschia than the purple color found in most redbuds (which is also lovely!). This tree has been putting on a show for weeks now. Beautiful!

Before the Appalachian Red hit full bloom earlier this spring.

Same tree, about a week and a half later.

'Lavender Twist' weeping redbud tree.

Cherry blossoms

Weeping cherry tree.

Fancy double daffodils.

These daffodils look like sunshine in flower form!