Cherry Blossoms

imageimageWelcome back, cherry blossoms! The last 2 years, ill-timed freezes zapped our cherry trees right as they were preparing to bloom. My husband snapped these dreamy pictures of one of our cherry trees 2 days ago.

I’m a little afraid to investigate the garden today. Last night, freezing temperatures and wind with gusts of up to 50 mph moved into the area. I suspect the magnolia tree will be looking sad, who knows about the cherry trees.


Spring Blooms

White and pink daffodils

It has been an odd spring, with a few days of abnormally high temperatures that have thrown normal bloom times out the window.  Then we had a fairly hard frost last night.  Hopefully things that started earlier than usual will survive.  Here are some pictures from around our yard, there has already been some really beautiful stuff happening this spring!

The yellow magnolia tree, which didn't have a very long bloom time this spring because of the weird weather ---too warm, too fast. But it sure was pretty for the three days or so when it was in bloom!

Close-up of magnolia flower.

'Appalachian Red' redbud tree. The color is so glorious, more fuschia than the purple color found in most redbuds (which is also lovely!). This tree has been putting on a show for weeks now. Beautiful!

Before the Appalachian Red hit full bloom earlier this spring.

Same tree, about a week and a half later.

'Lavender Twist' weeping redbud tree.

Cherry blossoms

Weeping cherry tree.

Fancy double daffodils.

These daffodils look like sunshine in flower form!