Azalea Glen at Dawes Arboretum

It amazes me how wide a range there can be, year-to-year, in peak bloom time for plants. The Dawes Arboretum plant sale has been held, as far as I can remember, on the third Saturday of May for at least the last 7 years. Some years when we’re there for the sale, we’ve missed the azaleas entirely. Some years, we get to see them at the height of their glory. This year was an example of the latter!

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178175022036Because we’ve been blessed with plenty of rain this spring, things looked lush and wonderful. It was actually raining while we walked around the glen, appreciating the wide sweeps of color and the close-up beauty of individual blossoms. The colors were so intense on some of the plants that they practically seemed to vibrate! The rain ended up giving some of our pictures a weird texture or blur. Small price to pay to see such a spectacular floral display.

If you get out to Dawes you can’t miss the azalea glen. It’s located off of the larger parking lot near the visitor center, and you can see much of it if you drive the auto loop. But to really appreciate all the glen has to offer, I highly recommend parking and walking around. There is just so much beauty to drink in, it’s too much to take in while just driving past.065


Tropical Teaser…

053057169Okay, so these lovely flowers are not actually evidence of a fabulous getaway to Hawaii, but they sure look like it, don’t they? These beautiful blooms are all from the glorious azalea glen at Dawes Arboretum. Aren’t they spectactular? More to come!