Old Pugs

At my request, my husband snapped some shots of our pugs while we worked in the yard today. I love photographer Pete Thorne’s project “Old Faithful” (http://petapixel.com/2014/10/21/old-faithful-studio-portraits-really-old-dogs/) and figured we should celebrate our aging pups, too. I am pleased with the results:

pugs 031 pugs 041 pugs 103This is Abe (or as we often call him, “Abraham Stinkin”). Isn’t he very Winston Churchill looking? We’ve had this sweet old man for 8 years. We suspect he’s at least 12, maybe older, hard to say with a rescue like him. On bright days like today, he enjoys sunning himself like a little turtle. In fine weather, he will often turn his head and ignore me when I call him to come back in the house.

pugs 083pugs 105pugs 081Here is Zooey (or Zoe, my husband and I disagree on how to spell her name!). We’ve had her for 9 years and we think she’s about 12 years old. She had a large cancerous tumor removed in May,  and we are trying to make sure to enjoy every moment we’ve got with this dear lady.

pugs 045pugs 089Chico and Apple, also enjoying the lovely day. And of course, Gus:

pugs 104Gus is a lover. He absolutely cannot restrain himself, kisses must be given out generously:

pugs 058pugs 060This one cracks me up, something about Chico’s stare suggests quite a narrative, no?

pugs 065Maybe he’ll share the tale of the day Apple faced down her nemesis, the lawnmower:

pugs 113(Seriously, she hates the lawnmower. It wasn’t even on, and she just stood there, glaring at it, clearly plotting how to take it down for good!)