Community Garden

Due to illnesses and then an injury hitting some of those nearest and dearest to me, this hasn’t been quite the spring I envisioned. (Please wear helmets when you motorcycle, friends, the life you save might just  be your own.) There has been a lot of bouncing between hospitals, nursing facilities, and such.  And a lot of realizing how lucky we are. The injury, at least, has been stressful and inconvenient- but not tragic. That’s been an important distinction to keep in mind.

Although we’re not exactly on schedule with everything around the house and garden, I believe that all of the chaos lately has made my husband and I appreciate the quiet moments we have been able to snatch gardening all the more. Including here:


Plots at the community garden

We’ve had a plot or two at our town’s community garden every summer since it was created. This summer, we decided not to grow veggies in our plot. (In the past, we were perhaps overly ambitious with our plots, and ended up leaving too much of what we grew to rot.) Instead of veggies we are growing flowers from seeds this time. The idea is to grow a little cutting garden. Hopefully it will be pretty, we’ll get some bouquets out of it, the other gardeners will enjoy seeing it, and it will attract beneficial polinators to the other plots.

For this first attempt at growing a cutting garden, we went for plants we’ve successfully grown from seeds before in our yard. We were going for ease! To that end, my husband planted a mix of zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, and nasturtium seeds in our plot last week. Some are already peeking up:image

Can’t wait to see it grow!


One thought on “Community Garden

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Looking forward to following you as I started my own vegetable garden this year. Happy growing

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