Floral Puff

imageI picked up a bunch of pink carnations for a new bouquet. Some of the green bits from my earlier bouquets still looked good, so I incorporated them into this arrangement. Inspired by the poufiness of the green stuff and the round shape of the Fiesta vase, I decided to gather the carnations up into a tight, rounded bunch. Love how it turned out!

While I’m just playing around with flowers and they’re inexpensive ones from the grocery store, here are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Change the water and trim the stems frequently (every day or every-other-day) to extend the longevity of the bouquet.
  2. Concerning water temperature, I generally shoot for cold to room temp, but using warmer water can help coax buds to open a little faster (works especially well with roses).
  3. No floral foam or frogs? Rubber bands, twist ties, or string are an easy way to help bouquets hold the shape you want. (Fishing line can be great when using transparent containers.)

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