Hocking County Cabin

cabinza!2014 065Along with 8 friends, spent the weekend relaxing and celebrating a dear friend’s birthday at this lovely cabin in the hills of Hocking County. It was situated in on 11 acres and had pretty views all around.

cabinza!2014 057 cabinza!2014 032cabinza!2014 043Although there are some great hiking trails and state parks in the area, we contented ourselves with short rambles around the property. It was pretty darn cold, albeit sunny. It was a weekend of eating, loafing, and laughing.

cabinza!2014 069 cabinza!2014 075We made VERY good use of the hot tub, fireplace, and the fire pit. Made lots of s’mores over the fire. Between those and the bunk bed I slept in, I kind of felt like a kid again (in the best way possible.)cabinza!2014 031 cabinza!2014 089Good times with good people. I feel very lucky. 🙂



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