Autumn Meadow Details

The other day, we hiked the Kestrel and the Monarch trails out at Walnut Woods Metro Park. These trails are the newest parts of the park to be opened, in the middle section between the Tall Pines area and the Buckeye area. This part of the park is a meadow, but a wet meadow, if that makes sense? I love it. Here’s a broad view:

autumnwalkkestrel 010I suspect that to many, that may seem a bit bleak. But if you look closer, a meadow in fall reveals its own splendors:

autumnwalkkestrel 018

Goldenrod gone to seed. It glowed in the sunlight and almost looked like snow!

autumnwalkkestrel 022

Scarlet leaves at meadow’s edge.

autumnwalkkestrel 058

Milkweed pods and seeds.

autumnwalkkestrel 062

A very late blooming goldenrod.


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