Cheese Dish Cover or Lampshade?

This weekend, my husband and I stumbled across one of those perfect garage sales:  the kind with oodles of stuff to poke through, where the sellers had similar tastes to ours, where the prices were reasonable, and where the sellers were ready and willing to bargain on top of all of that. So good! We made out like bandits, and we enjoyed chatting with some folks who were clearly kindred spirits.

One of my favorite finds? Check this brassy beauty out:


Originally, I’m guessing this served to cover a font of holy water in a church. The lady selling it had mentioned which church it came from but that information has already slipped my mind. Alzheimer’s, here I come! At any rate, seeing as we’re a bit short on holy water in our home, I was planning to put this to a more mundane use instead.

Using it as a food cover leaps out as an obvious option. I have one of those charming old woven ones, and what with all the bugs, it is a crucial accoutrement when eating outside. This could serve the same function. The cross serves as a great handle, plus there’s the added bonus of it being so heavy that the wind wouldn’t dislodge it. On the downside, no one would be able to see the food it was covering, but that doesn’t seem insurmountable. Maybe with some sort of pinterest-y tag hanging from it, or a sign propped up next to it?

Another option would be to turn it into a lampshade. That might take some engineering because of its weight, but I think the end result could be quite lovely. I may even have a lamp that would work, possibly, but I’ll need to rewire it. Rewiring lamps is going to need to be a skill I pick up soon.

Something to think on, at any rate!


One thought on “Cheese Dish Cover or Lampshade?

  1. Eleenie says:

    What a terrific find! It’ll be great to see what use you decide on, I must admit though, I adore the lampshade idea…

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