Tomato Time!

075It is, at long last, finally tomato time!

This summer has been wet and kind of cool. While that has meant that our grass is nice & green and we haven’t had to fuss with watering our new plants at all, it has also meant that our tomatoes haven’t done very well. And don’t even get me started on the disaster that has been our okra.

But last week, we finally had tomatoes ready for harvesting. So harvest we did! And let me tell you, a BLT made with garden-fresh heirloom tomatoes? That is the taste of summer. Get all fancy and make it as a BLT &A &E? (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado and Egg, that is.) Extra delicious wonderfulness in sandwich form.

After a few days of wallowing in BLT land, last night my husband and I finally got around to making some other tasty tomato options. Now, I am not a cook, but I will assemble things. Like this, my more chopped-up-than-is-traditional version of a caprese salad (makes getting it into your mouth much more efficient!):
Yum! 008
All I did was chop up 3 different varieties of tomatoes from our garden, added some chopped fresh basil, also from our garden, and chunks of mozzarella. Then a tiny bit of olive oil, some freshly cracked black pepper, gently tossed by hand, and done. When the ingredients are this good, you really can’t go wrong.

My husband was more ambitious. He threw-down an amazing, made-completely-from-scratch-and-without-any kind-of-recipe-riff on chicken tikka masala/chicken curry. I am amazed I was able to be disciplined enough to attempt to take a picture at all before falling on my plate like a fiend. (Although the picture isn’t that good. At least I tried!) So. Flavorful. So. Good!!! He used a bunch of tomatoes and peppers from our garden and the complexity of the flavors was unreal. Yum! 010<


3 thoughts on “Tomato Time!

  1. painterwrite says:

    YUM! If you haven’t tried it before, slice your tomatoes into about 1/4 inch thick slices and dry them in a food dehydrator. Then store the “chips” in the freezer. In the winter you can use them on sandwiches and they are super sweet with a nice little crunch!

  2. Eleenie says:

    Both meals looks delicious! You just can’t beat freshly grown tomatoes and basil as a combination šŸ™‚

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