Our “New” Little Black Corvette

1961 Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette 006

1961 Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette

No, we did not get a new car, and my apologies to Prince. Frankly, what we did get is something that I think is almost better: through a friend-of-a-friend, my husband was able to pick up an amazing, new-to-us 1961 Schwinn 5-speed Corvette bicycle. Isn’t it lovely? The design is quite beautiful and apparently these bikes are rather hard to find. They were only manufactured for 18 months!

The details just get me:

1961 Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette 014

rear reflector

1961 Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette 012

starburst logo, graphic black and white brake lines

Beautifully made, plus the overall feel is pretty cushy. Yes, it is a bit heavy compared to modern bikes, but once you get going it’s a smooth and comfy ride.

The bike came from a fairly serious collector who was unloading some fascinating items from his varied collections. My husband was able to scoop up a few other great things, more to come on those shortly. Hopefully just more to come in general! This summer has been very busy. I had to make a choice: play or blog? Playing won. Lots of bike riding and kayaking when not working like the proverbial dog. Now I want to work on getting back posting more regularly!


3 thoughts on “Our “New” Little Black Corvette

  1. Great looking bike–and with the derailleur, quite rare. I have a Corvette myself, a two-speed, but it’s going to take a bit of work this winter to get it up to speed. Take a look, and you’ll feel even better about your bike. http://wp.me/p1iGqw-T3

  2. I definitely agree. We love this vintage ride. : )

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