Lily Fest!

Today is the last day of Lily Fest 2013. If you are a daylily fan, this really is a must-see event! Held at the Bishop Educational Gardens in Hocking County, the fest is a wonderful chance to tour a magical, sprawling garden that is tucked into the woods and hills of southeast Ohio. Their daylily collection is outstanding.  During the fest there are also beautiful arts and crafts available from a wide variety of vendors and live music. Check out their website for details:

As a little salute to Lily Fest, I thought I’d host my own mini-fest here. In our garden, the daylilies are in full swing. I’m delighted by their variety and beauty. Pretty much the definition of ephemeral splendor! Here are a few that are blooming in our yard now:daylilies 030 daylilies 016 daylilies 013 daylilies 007 022 035 030 daylilies 003 026017

Sorry I don’t know which varieties these all are off the top of my head! But I suppose you can tell I’m especially drawn to pink daylilies, daylilies that have contrasting eyes or throats, and ruffled petals.