Dream Tree

My husband surprised me a few weeks ago by giving me my birthday gift early this year. He found and planted a lovely tricolor beech tree in our garden! I have been dreaming of adding one of these trees to our garden for several years. Although we’ve come across a few at the special plant sales we haunt, none of them looked like they were in good enough condition to purchase: they were all very small and spindly, with poor color, and a few of them were grafted specimens that looked pretty dodgy. And they were quite pricey, even though they all appeared to be on death’s door. Combine all of that with how slow-growing they are purported to be, and? Well. I’d pet the tree for a bit and pass on it, every time. Regretfully. None of them was the right one. Then?053 055Just right! He found a lovely specimen and got it for our yard. He even magically found a roomy enough spot for it by revising some of his original ideas for part of the garden. I’m so excited. I hope it takes.


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