Current Blooms Bouquet

008Threw together this little bouquet of flowers currently blooming in our garden yesterday morning. Ah, peonies! I love them so much. I actually got two more peony plants at the Dawes sale: one pink and extra fragrant, one a mystery plant that is not quite yet in bloom. The false indigo is also rather spectacular. Must run now and weed a bit before work!


2 thoughts on “Current Blooms Bouquet

  1. Mar says:

    I love peonies too. They are my favorite flower. The false indigo is lovely. I will have to look into those and see if I could grow that in my garden. Pretty bouquet!

    • Aren’t peonies wonderful? There’s something at once so old-fashioned and over-the-top about them. And I hope you can grow false indigo where you are! I saw a bunch planted in the gardens at Mount Vernon and I had to try it. It’s pretty carefree here. The only thing is, be particular about where you plant it–once in, it doesn’t like to be moved.

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