Sun Studio: Where Rock Got Born

201It sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not, not really.  706 Union Avenue in Memphis Tennessee holds a very special place in the history of Rock and Roll (and Country, for that matter!).  It is the location of Sun Studio, and it is where seminal music was recorded:  Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash, to name a few.  It all started here.

It’s small, but if you’re a music geek, you gotta stop by and pay your respects.  The AV Club has a cool little piece about Sun here:,56984/


Memphis had quite a few oversize guitars, compared to most cities. Here’s the one at Sun.


Sun Studio, parking in rear.

Random side note? The driveway you need to use to get to the rear parking mentioned on the side of the building? Super narrow, easy to miss, and generally has people standing in the middle of it whilst they take pictures of the building or pose by the building, just like my husband is doing 2 pics up. We drove right past it and parked on a parallel side street.  

Gotta love that the sign for fans of the King is right in front of a pic of the Killer.

Another random side note? My husband and I were lucky enough to see Jerry Lee Lewis in concert in Mansfield, OH (seriously, how random is that???) back in 2008. Hell of a show. He was 73 at the time and was positively electric. It was a master class. He absolutely put performers 50 years his junior to shame. Incredible.


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