Going to Graceland



It would be hard to be in Memphis without being aware of Elvis’s ties to the city. The two sorta go together like peas and carrots. So naturally we had to make a pilgrimage to Graceland while we were there…sorta.

We decided to forgo the mansion tour. Partly because doing so would have taken hours.  The lines across the street looked orderly but insane. But also? The whole thing is just such a racket! With the cheapest option coming in at $33 per person to tour the mansion, plus $10 for parking, we’d have been out $76. (There are even pricier options for the über fan.) Poor guy, dead 35 years and they’re still pimping him as hard today as Colonel Parker ever did. I like a kitschy Jungle Room as much as anyone else, but we just weren’t feeling it that much.

Going to gawp at the exterior satisfied our Elvis cravings plenty. There’s a nice (free!) pull-off area directly in front of the mansion walls where you can get out, soak things in, snap some pictures, and then be on your way. We could even see the Lisa Marie (Elvis’s plane) across the street. Perfect.


The rockin’ gates of Graceland.

The Lisa Marie.

The Lisa Marie.

The graffiti left by Elvis devotees outside of the mansion is omnipresent and pretty interesting, we enjoyed looking at the tributes and messages folks had left for the king.


Even the Historical Marker outside of Graceland is covered in graffiti. I think they finally wised-up and covered the metal in plexiglass so they can periodically scrub it down more easily.

Darlene Perez (and many, many others) loves Elvis!

Darlene Perez (and many, many others) loves Elvis!


A portrait of the King.


Another portrait of Elvis. I assume!


Greetings from Graceland!


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