Farm Babies


“Let us out! Let us out!” Two lambs attempting to go on the lam.

  My husband had heard that the sheep out at the Slate Run Living Historical Farm were busy having their spring lambs, so we decided to stop by on Sunday to get our cute overload quotient for the weekend.  The lambs did not disappoint.

Because I haven’t yet mastered taking crisp indoor pictures without a flash (especially challenging in this situation because there aren’t any lights in the barn at Slate Run, what with it being all dedicated to farming like it’s 1889 and such) these pictures only barely hint at how adorable the lambs were.  They were curious, wobbly, and surprisingly wrinkly!  Plus, they come out looking as if they’ve been freshly shorn, which I guess I didn’t know.

One ewe had finished birthing twins literally moments before our arrival.  Those little ones were so tiny and seemed cold.  Then there were some other lambs that were positively ancient with 5 days under their belts!  The two above kept trying to nose out a barn door, but it was latched and they couldn’t.  They complained quite loudly to their mother who was dozing nearby, unperturbed.


Wee lamb.

The pigs were also in the midst of birthing.  One sow produced 2 piglets while we were there.  The pig barn was absolutely packed with other visitors watching the births, so we didn’t really get to see too much of that.  But there was also a litter of 11 piglets that another sow had birthed just a few days earlier so we still saw plenty of piglets.


The mama pig.


Her litter of piglets.

I personally prefered seeing the lambs.  I still have a hard time with how odoriferous the pig barn is.  The smell was too much for me after a bit.  Still worth seeing, though.

If you get a chance to pop out to Slate Run (or any other similar farm, for that matter) I highly recommend taking the time.  You are sure to learn something new and to reinvigorate your sense of wonder.  Plus, what can I say.  Baby farm animals are awfully cute!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Farm Babies

  1. Eleenie says:

    I think I’d prefer the lambs too although hubby wouldn’t agree! They’re so cute, what a fabulous experience.

    • Of course one can’t help thinking of Wilbur with the piglets! They are cute in their way. But man, the smell. I hate to sound like such a princess, but I just couldn’t stand being around that smell for very long. Team Lamb!

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