Happy Vernal Equinox! (Yes, darn it, even though it feels way more hiems-ish than vernal outside just yet. Astronomically speaking, it’s now Spring!)  I’m torn between savoring the signs that Spring is springing and wanting to tell the buds to go back to sleep for a little bit.  Yet my heart leaps to see the crocuses croaking and the daffodils starting to surge upwards.  This year, there’s a new sign of spring in our yard:

Cornus offincinalis 'Kintoki'

Cornus offincinalis ‘Kintoki’

At last year’s Dawes Arboretum plant sales, we picked up a new-to-us type of dogwood, a Japanese cornelian cherry or Japanese Cornel Dogwood.  The variety we got is supposed to be particularly suited to small spaces (great for our packed  yard) and should provide a brilliant Spring show with its early yellow blooms, plus the exfoliating bark has winter interest and the fall color is supposed to be good, too.  Last fall was too dry for anything to have good color, and this tree isn’t mature enough yet for the bark to be doing much exfoliating, but look at these buds!  It’s not even properly blooming yet, and it’s already a sunny happy bit of punctuation in our backyard.  Hooray!


buds nearly ready to bloom on the cornelian cherry…


3 thoughts on “Sprung?

  1. Eleenie says:

    Beautiful, the buds are so vivid 🙂

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