Half-Moon Splendor

Half Moon Cookies

Half-Moon Cookies

Last November I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit a dear friend of mine who now lives in  upstate New York, in Syracuse.  I meant to blog about the trip, but honestly I was way more focused on catching up and enjoying my time seeing her than I was on taking pictures.  I wish I’d taken more, but alas.  But somehow a few of them remained on my camera and I rediscovered them today.  One of the great revelations on that trip?  The splendor of the Half-Moon cookie!  (In upstate NY, I guess they’re know as half-moons, in NYC, they’re known as black-and-whites.)

I’d never had one before, and, knowing this as a fellow Midwesterner, my friend Liz made sure to address this deficit before I left.  Yum!  We got some fresh from a lovely tiny bakery in nearby Skaneateles, a village on the eastern-most lake of the Finger Lakes.  She also sent me home with some so I could share with my husband.  That I didn’t devour them all as I drove home clearly demonstrates how fond I am of my husband.

I love finding regional specialties, no?  In the midst of the ever-more blandifying impact of franchise restaurants, there’s something great and special about savoring a cookie that I can’t easily get where I live.  (I mean, maybe they’re available outside of NY, but they aren’t sold in the grocery store bakeries here like they were out there, and I’ve not actually seen them in any specialty bakeries out here, either.)

The one downside to discovering a delicious cookie not sold where I live?  I wish I could chomp into one of these right now –it’s like they cut the top off of the best cupcake ever and then iced it with the best chocolate and the best vanilla icing out there.  I am not much a baker, but I may have to track down a recipe and attempt to perfect making these myself.  They were that good.

What regional specialties do you love to enjoy when you travel?


2 thoughts on “Half-Moon Splendor

  1. Eleenie says:

    Looks delicious! As a youngster, when we used to visit relatives in Scotland, we always brought a dozen empire biscuits back to England with us. It’s difficult to get them there and to be honest, they’re not a patch on the original Scottish ones. I made some myself about a year ago after I got back to Bulgaria from my Scotland visit. They weren’t quite as good but still yummy! 🙂

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