There Will Be Spring (but not just yet)

To bid winter adieu, my husband and I spent the past weekend holed up with some friends in a cozy cabin in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio.

023Renting a cabin as a getaway is quite nice.  I’ve enjoyed staying in cabins from Michigan to Georgia.  This trip was great because the cabin was an easy 50 minute drive to the southeast of our home, tucked into the rolling Appalachian foothills known as the Hocking Hills.  The hiking there is usually very pretty, but the weather was a bit too wintery for that this time.  It snowed intermittently the whole weekend.  But with good friends, a full kitchen, a roaring fireplace, and a hot tub on the lower deck, relaxing at the cabin was a perfect way to savor some of the last of our winter weather.




A fire,


Ridiculous board games,


Quiet spots for relaxing,


What more could you want?




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