Faux Bois Lamp

Ah, January sales!  Gotta love it when things start getting seriously marked down.  40-75% off the regular price?  Yes, please.  I don’t usually buy new, and buying new at full price?  Atypical.  I can usually wait, do without, or find a comparable used version for less.  There are some stores I don’t even want to step foot in unless I know they’re having major sales.  Anthropologie is high on my list for that category.  The folks at Anthropologie are very clever.  It often feels like they’re marketing right at me.  Only my tastes quite exceed my budget!  But when I saw this cutie marked down 44% on their online store?

013I ventured out to their nearby brick-and-mortar store, hoping it would be there.

You see, I’ve been missing the light from my Christmas tree.  Isn’t it a shame that Christmas happens before January and February?  February can be so grim!  I could really use some twinkling Christmas lights in February.

It’s nice to have a soft light shining out of the dining room when I’m hanging out in my living room at night.  (You can see into the dining room through 2 different doorways from our living room.) But leaving the dining room fully lit doesn’t make sense:  it’s not necessary, it’s not green, it’s not cost-effective.  There’s no point in leaving an empty room blazing with lights when we’re not in there.  But a little light in there is nice.

Basically, I wanted a light fixture that would fall somewhere between being an over-sized night-light and a year-round Christmas tree.  I’m glad I trusted my hunch and purchased this bone china faux bois lamp.  Love the added glow it gives to our cold dark winter nights.  And its kitschy/sculptural good looks when it’s not in use are an added bonus.



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