Holly Hill

Sunny day off, snow on the ground, seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit Dawes Arboretum in order to enjoy it in its winter glory.  Well worth the drive.

018Holly Hill houses a huge collection of hollies.  The berries really pop against the snow.

Dawes 003 Dawes 021 Dawes 028  My eyes get quite hungry for color when I’m outside during the winter, so Holly Hill was particularly rewarding.

Dawes 034 020Things have been unrelentingly gray lately. I really appreciated the seeing the bright blue of the sky today!


If you get a chance to go to Dawes Arboretum in the winter, I highly recommend it!  I’d also recommend parking at the visitor center and hiking back to Holly Hill rather than taking the auto loop.  It was a bit hairy due to the ice on all of the hilly bits.  Our vehicle actually got stuck, but staff very kindly unstuck us with their tractor and a minimum of teasing.





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