Snow Day! (Sorta)

Back to work is always a bit of a let-down after Christmas.  And we were getting some weather to boot.  It’s not often we hear a phrase like “blizzard warning”  in our local news broadcasts, so I’ll admit to being a bit cranky as I headed in today.

But then, joy!  After being at work a few hours, the powers-that-be wisely decided to have us close early so everyone could get home safely.  As an adult, this is a close to a snow day as it gets!  Ah, snow days!!!  Remember the magic of waking up, finding out that school had been canceled due to the weather, and then bundling up to play outside in the snow?  024b

After we both got back home, that’s what my husband and I did for a little while.  (I wish I could say this snowball launch was staged just for the photo, but my husband gleefully lobbed several at me as we took in the snow.)

We enjoyed the quiet beauty of the neighborhood wearing a fresh blanket of snow, 027b and romping in the yard with the pups (here’s Gus, our pug/cairn terrier mix —he loves snow!) 005before heading in for soup and popcorn.

What’s not to love about a sorta snow day?!?! 015





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