Merry & Bright

Merry Christmas!  Busy season, with my husband and I both visiting  and hosting family this year.  But today we have the whole day free.  While we await the big storm that’s supposed to roll in later tonight, I thought I’d share some of how we decorated for Christmas this year.

Green, red, copper, and brown were my main colors this year —a classic combination.  Knowing that we’d have a full house when we hosted on Christmas Eve, I didn’t put up my standard big white tree.  With a large crowd in our little house, every inch of floorspace counts, and that tree just has too much of a footprint.  Instead, I went with a 4 foot tall little table-top green tree:034

Even though I appreciate the convenience and ease of an artificial tree, nothing quite beats fresh.  So to bring in a little bit of fresh greenery, I hung this swag on the china cabinet:

027Such a nice scent, all I did was add the bow and the bells!  Since I love reindeer as a holiday decorating element, imagine how tickled I was to find this cute mossy reindeer at the same nursery where I picked up the swag:

055Simply add ornaments!  (Or maybe a poinsettia or something, but those aren’t cat safe, so not a good option for me.)  Love it!049

For presents, I used a mixture of green and brown wrapping paper and reused some paper grocery bags, using twine for bows.  I liked how it turned out, especially the cost efficiency of using just a little wrapping paper as a sash to spiff up the brown paper bag.  002

Even our pug, Apple, got into the holiday spirit:


The wee tree couldn’t support the weight of my punched copper tree-topper, so I used it to turn a green bottle into a miniature tree in the kitchen.  Very cozy.









Wishing everyone peace and joy in the new year, and a safe holiday season.



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