Happy Election Day (I hope!)


Hooray, Election Day is finally here!

Living in a battleground state,  like I do (Ohio), I can say that election fatigue does set in after a while.  So many annoying phone calls, more flyers in the mail than should be legal, and all manner of hyperbolic rhetoric coming at you non-stop for months.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we legally shortened our campaign seasons?  Like, 12 weeks and no more?  And personally, I’m sick of having to replace my yard signs because they keep getting stolen.  That just strikes me as extra grotesque:  I mean, the whole point of a democracy is that everyone is entitled to her or his own opinions.  It would never occur to me to steal from someone just because we have different political beliefs.  Yuck.

So this election season has been a bruiser.  It is both a relief and also a whole different kind of horrible tension waiting to see what the outcome will be.  But I did my part, I voted.  I hope everyone eligible to do so did the same!


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