Yum, yum!

Life has been on the busy side of things lately, so it was an especially lovely treat to have a slow, lazy day at home with my husband today.  He made the yummy goodness above (North Carolina shrimp, cheesy corn grits, biscuits, and eggs) for brunch, we walked the pugs, and I gave myself a mud mask.  I love mud masks.  But I’ll spare you a picture of that!

The icing on the lazy cake?  We are planning to watch what promises to be a festival of badness tonight:  the made-for-t.v. Lifetime Movie Network epic, “Liz & Dick”.  Lindsay Lohan in what looks to be a “Showgirls” for our times –it should be its own version of cheesy goodness.  Intrigued by the proposed drinking game over at Go Fug Yourself:  http://gofugyourself.com/the-official-gfy-liz-dick-drinking-game-11-2012?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+celebuzz%2FKggb+%28GoFugYourself+RSS%29.  I plan to follow along with a big glass of water.  The commercials alone would leave one well and truly blotto, so playing along with water seems like a great way to make sure I’m actually getting in my recommended daily allowance of H2O  instead.  Because it’s important to hydrate. 🙂

Oh, and the sunset tonight was really lovely (albeit too early!).




Playing Like It’s 1889

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the old-timey toys available for visitors to test at Slate Run Living Historical Farm.  Some are extra cool (love the kinetic rolling ball thingamabob), some are challenging (the stilts!) and some make you pity our forefathers because it seems like your existence would have to be fairly grim in order for the whole get-the-ball-in-the-cup toy to be entertaining.  Also?  Rolling a hoop is much harder than you’d think.

We really tried to get a picture of the 3 of us up on the stilts at once. Nothing doing, alas!

M was actually pretty good at the stilts.

K and I eventually gave up on the whole rolling-the-hoop-on-the-ground bit and entertained ourselves by hula-hooping it on our arms instead.

Testing out some indoor game options. My favorite? I was pleased by the fact that the checkers were slices of dried corn cob, painted around the edges.

A stereoscopic viewer, minus one of the special cards.  They are supposed to make the images on the cards look 3-dimensional, but I couldn’t quite see it.

A swing hanging from a grand old tree is timeless.

Moving Forward

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning:

My FB feed this morning is all over the place, from elation to resigned bitterness. Although I am pleased by the outcome, I am struck by how blessed I am to have such a diverse group of friends & how blessed we are to live in a society that’s free enough to share those feelings. Thank you to all our veterans who signed on to protect that freedom for us.

Although I am pleased with yesterday’s outcome, I’m worried, too.  This election was so ugly and divisive that it’s a little hard to feel like there were really any winners.  I hope that in the coming days and months people and politicians can find a way to come together and meet in the middle instead of calcifying into rigid, angry stances.

Happy Election Day (I hope!)


Hooray, Election Day is finally here!

Living in a battleground state,  like I do (Ohio), I can say that election fatigue does set in after a while.  So many annoying phone calls, more flyers in the mail than should be legal, and all manner of hyperbolic rhetoric coming at you non-stop for months.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we legally shortened our campaign seasons?  Like, 12 weeks and no more?  And personally, I’m sick of having to replace my yard signs because they keep getting stolen.  That just strikes me as extra grotesque:  I mean, the whole point of a democracy is that everyone is entitled to her or his own opinions.  It would never occur to me to steal from someone just because we have different political beliefs.  Yuck.

So this election season has been a bruiser.  It is both a relief and also a whole different kind of horrible tension waiting to see what the outcome will be.  But I did my part, I voted.  I hope everyone eligible to do so did the same!