Fall Colors at Alum Creek State Park

This weekend just couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The weather was the stuff of dreams.  So early Sunday morning, my husband and I loaded up the kayaks and one of the dogs.  Off to Alum Creek State Park we went.  Did I mention it was early???

Early morning light at Alum Creek.

Smoke on the water: spectacular morning fog.

After the fog burned off, I was amazed by how much fall color there was to see.  Alum Creek is about 70 miles north of Lake Logan, the place we’d kayaked the day before.  Apparently that 70 miles made all of the difference, because where we’d seen a tree or 2 displaying glorious fall colors at Lake Logan, check out what we were treated to at Alum Creek:

Breathtaking!  And very much worth getting up way earlier than I’m generally inclined to get up on a Sunday. 🙂

Catching this nice-sized catfish (27 1/2 inches) earned my husband the title of a “Master Angler” through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Fish Ohio program. (You have to catch 4 different kinds of fishes over a certain size to qualify for this.) All 4 were CPR: Catch, Photo, Release!

We only brought along 1 dog this time.  My husband knew he wanted to fish a bit and we learned our lesson from trying to take all 5 out at once.  Not a good idea!  Gus, our Cairn Terrier/Pug mix, kept trying to hop into the truck with us as we were loading up, so we took that as a sign and brought him with us.  Mostly he rode along with me.  He didn’t seem too confident and remained firmly plastered in my lap for a while.  But while my husband was trolling, we pulled ashore a few times and he seemed to enjoy romping on the shore, smelling things, and following some deer tracks.  Later we pulled our kayaks up next to each other and Gus clambered onto my husband’s and off they went, a man and his dog!  Too cute.

It was a nearly perfect, heavenly sort of day.  Absolutely worth skipping out on some yard work to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Fall Colors at Alum Creek State Park

  1. Eleenie says:

    I don’t blame you for skipping the yard chores, those colours are just amazing and worth the sacrifice 😉 I love autumn colours so much.

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