Sad News

I was contacted a few days ago by the wild animal rescue group I had taken Freddie, the fledgling female red tail hawk we found in our backyard, to back in July.  Unfortunately, she died 3 days after I dropped her off.

The drought and the West Nile Virus have been taking a toll on area wildlife and they’d been busier than usual this summer.  They had been nearly overwhelmed by the number of animals brought in and only just got around to calling me to let me know about her fate.  Given that Freddie was at about 1/3 of her expected body weight when I found her, it’s not surprising that she was too far gone to be rescued and rehabilitated.  But I had really been hoping, given that I hadn’t heard anything for so long, that “no news was good news”.   What will be will be and all, but I’m still sad.  Hard way to go.


One thought on “Sad News

  1. Eleenie says:

    That is truly sad to hear, such a lovely bird. Nature will take it’s course as they say, but it’s not any easier knowing that when you get so close to helping it out like you did. At least you’ll know that you tried your best for it, that’s all you could do and I suspect that animals everywhere are suffering due to this crazy summer that we’re all having, those wonderful wildlife rescue services people must be rushed off their feet.

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