Lake Logan

Today was pretty much the perfect early fall day.  Brisk warming to nice but not hot, clear with some puffy clouds, and just gorgeous.  We decided to take out the kayaks.  (!!!)  Due to some vigilant craigslist watching, my husband found a great deal on a second kayak.  It helped that it’s nearly the end of the season.  Now we can paddle around together!

He really wanted to go to Clear Creek, so that’s where we started.

Before unloading the kayaks, we trotted down a little trail to check for a good spot to put in and to check on the water level.Alas, even though we’ve had a little bit of rain lately, the water level was too low to make kayaking much fun, it would have been all scraping and portaging.  Onto Plan B:  Lake Logan.

Located in the Hocking Hills region of southeastern Ohio, Lake Logan is a 400 acre lake.  We’d never been before.  It was nice:  the leaves were just starting to turn, we saw all kinds of birds and water fowl, fish were jumping and biting, and conditions made floating around and enjoying the views really easy.

“I’ve got a hold of Nessi!”  Although he did catch a fish, maybe it wasn’t quite that big…

Early fall colors, just stunning.

Love, love, love the new-to-us kayak!My husband managed to snap this great shot of a great blue heron hanging out on a dead tree.

I got this one of a great blue heron in flight.  I love that their croaking scratchy call is at such odds with how graceful and elegant their appearance is.What a lovely and relaxing afternoon!


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