Fishing With Pugs

Okay, so this time we didn’t really fish.  But we were out on the water with the pugs!  (I just couldn’t resist referencing John Lurie’s sublime show, “Fishing With John”.  If you haven’t seen it, you really should.  Amazing.)  Check it out:

We got life jackets for the pugs.  They are so top heavy that they are considered at extra risk of drowning, so PFDs are highly recommended.  Gus (pictured above) probably actually needs one a little more snug than the one we got him.  But doesn’t he look like a good little sailor?!?

All five dogs went out on the kayak (not all at once, though!) and seemed, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, to enjoy it.  What would I have done differently?  We really should have taken them on a decent-to-long walk before trying out the kayak.  It would have been helpful if we’d drained off some of their energy first.  (Rookie mistake!)  Also?  Taking all 5 at once was a bit hectic.  Some of them share a life jacket, so switching one dog out and putting it onto another dog got a little crazy, especially since we were sharing the lake that day with a hyper Cub Scout troop.  It’s a bit of a drive to Lake Hargus and we were just so excited to see how the pups would react to being on the kayak, that we underestimated how stressful and hectic juggling all 5 dogs while doing something totally new with them would be.  But still.  It was pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Fishing With Pugs

  1. Eleenie says:

    It looks as though everyone had tons of fun! 🙂

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