Up North in Northfield

My husband and I traveled out to Minnesota last week.  First we stopped to see my sister’s family in the suburbs of Minneapolis and I finally got to share Northfield with him!  It was nice to show him some of the places I’ve enjoyed on my last 2 trips there, plus we made some discoveries together.

Enjoying a cup of java at the best coffee spot in Northfield: the Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee shop.

The simply named “Antiques of Northfield” antique store includes a bonus: it is also a television lamp museum! Back in the early days of television, it was thought that a small lamp on top of your set would alleviate any eye strain from watching the tube. I’ve never been able to tell if this was a real concern, or just clever marketing.

The store claims to have over 1000 television lamps- and they must, easily! They ring the upper part of the store and are grouped into themes (like bulls and matadors, flamingos, dogs, and so on). It was an example of how having so much kitsch in one place, displayed thoughtfully, can elevate it all. The whole was definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

My husband was quite charmed by the popcorn cart out on the town square that is run by the Northfield Senior Center. Alas, it was too early in the day when we passed it.

This is the last bank the Jesse James Gang attempted to rob. A bank employee  resisted and was gunned down, a gunfight with the townspeople ensued, and the gang fled. It was the beginning of the end for the gang, read more here: http://www.djjd.org/ .

Some of the lovely homes we saw strolling around Northfield.  (Click any to view full-sized.)  And we also saw this church:

Minnesotans will be voting on a state constitutional amendment this fall concerning whether or not to ban gay marriage.  It warmed my heart considerably to see this church taking a public stance against the proposed ban:

While I’m not very religious, I’d sure consider becoming a part of this congregation if I lived in Northfield on the sole basis of how much I appreciated seeing them support equality in this way.  I hope the measure to ban gay marriages in Minnesota fails this fall, and I really liked this commercial, opposing the ban, that we saw while we were up there:

Coming up next:  Nest Lake!



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