At the Cabin on the Lake

Minnesota is known as “the land of 10,000 lakes”.  After visiting my sister’s family and enjoying a night at the lovely Archer River House Inn in Northfield, we drove about 100 miles west of the Twin Cities to experience one of them.

Wild geese flying over the lake at dusk.

As I mentioned, a dear friend and mentor loaned us the use of her cabin.  She is a rare and special person —knowing her makes me want to be a better person.  She is generous beyond telling, incredibly smart, tough, funny, strong, and she always reminds me to take a moment to reach for some compassion rather than simply reacting.  Her honesty can be bracing, but also very refreshing.  She will always give you the truth.  How many people in your life can you really say that about?  Not only that, but she lives her truth.  In doing so, her example encourages me to strive to be my better self.  She’s also the master of the understatement and much, much, much too modest.

How so?  Take her extreme underselling of her cabin.  It is a fantastic place, a true slice of heaven.  It has an amazing view and came equipped with everything we could have possibly wanted.  The lake itself has 2 islands and covers 945 acres.  Look at the view from the backyard:

So lovely.  We had use of a canoe and a kayak, both of which made exploring the lake great fun.  I just paddled around

while my husband paddled around and fished.

He actually caught something much larger than this little bluegill:  after 4 days of trying, watching other anglers on the lake, and talking to bait shop dudes, he landed a monster 35 inch pike!  Of course, neither of us had a camera on us (guaranteeing his success, no doubt!) but I saw him catch it.   Strictly catch-and-release for this trip, but he was very pleased.  The next day, he caught a slightly smaller 30 inch pike.

This is a Northern Pike, the kind of fish my husband caught. This isn’t the one he caught (his was bigger) but gives an idea of what they look like. I found this image here:

We also rode bikes on a wonderful paved trail that passed close to the cabin.

Some of my favorite moments consisted of sitting on the dock watching the sun set and the blue moon rise.

Also high on the list?  Watching an otter swim around the dock watching us as we sat there enjoying dusk, and having a rafter of wild turkeys –about 14 of them!– dart out onto the bike path in front of us and then being amazed and delighted as my husband started gobbling at them quite proficiently.  Who knew he could gobble???  Well enough to make them look, even!  But most of all, the peace of this special place touched us both.  Absolutely wonderful.


One thought on “At the Cabin on the Lake

  1. Eleenie says:

    Wow, stunning scenery!

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