Chestnut Ridge Park

What should I have done today?  Chores, and plenty of them!  Some got done, some got delayed because it was a beautiful day.  There’s a Russian saying (supposedly): Work is not a wolf, it will not run away.  With that in mind, I coaxed my husband into going to Chestnut Ridge, a nearby 486 acre park.  The Ridge of the park’s name is considered the first ridge of the Appalachian Mountains.  And it’s pretty, with a mix of woods and meadows.

View from the ridge, which according to the park’s website, rises 1,116 feet above sea level. On a clearer day, you can see the Columbus skyline from the ridge.

Small meadow filled with blooming Queen Anne’s Lace.

Meadow and clouds, lovely!

Blooming goldenrod, and bees.

Thorns on a Honey Locust. Scary, no?

Monarch butterfly on the flowers of a butterfly bush.

Cattail catkin, gone to seed with some Sweet Joe Pye Weed in the background.

Like a beacon or a warning flag, these turning leaves we spotted clearly say that winter is coming.

It was a nice little hike.  My husband took all of the wonderful pictures featured in this post.


One thought on “Chestnut Ridge Park

  1. Wonderful photos from this hike. PS. My work never run away either.. 😉

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