After a crazy busy day at work that included the successful culmination of a long-term project, my sweet husband had a bunch of pink carnations waiting for me when I got home.  I love carnations: they’re long-lasting cut flowers, they’re feminine, and I like their soft scent.  I combined the carnations with some wilder looking Brazilian verbena we have growing all around our yard to make this simple bouquet.  How nice!

Thoughtful gestures like this mean so much.  It can be all too easy to take the most special people in our lives for granted, which is sad.  They’re the ones we should be trying extra hard to be kind to!  I really appreciate that my husband knew it was a big, stressful day and had a nice surprise waiting for me.  Sweet man.


One thought on “Thoughtfulness

  1. Eleenie says:

    A sweet man for sure, it’s great that he is so in tune with your feelings.

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