There’s a Hawk in Our Backyard!

Oh my, look at this majestic visitor to our yard!  But I’m worried that this beautiful hawk must be injured.  It showed up in our backyard tonight.  My pug, Zoe, was standing less than 2 feet from it, barking her little head off, and that’s how I noticed it.  It didn’t fly away, just sort of held its wings out and up, a little, to make itself look bigger.  The fact that it didn’t fly away, not even when I had to get awfully close to grab said hysterical pug makes me think maybe it can’t.

After I bodily carried two very interested dogs and one interested cat inside, I came back out and watched it for a while.  The hawk didn’t seem alarmed, per se, although after some time it walk/shuffled away a bit to shelter under our nearby Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick shrub.  It is still there now.

I tried calling the locally licensed wildlife rescuer after finding the number on the ODNR website but didn’t get an answer.  I also tried the local wildlife hospital’s number only to find it was the same one as the licensed rescuer, and they closed at 3:00 today.  I don’t want to injure or frighten this gorgeous creature through my ignorance and good intentions.  So I don’t know what to do other than wait until the morning and try the hospital/rescuer again.


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