Summer Drought

This spring/summer the weather has been tough on our garden (much worse for local farmers).  Where I live, we are in the midst of the driest summer on record.  Also one of the hottest, with far too many days registering in the upper 90s and even lower 100s.  Normally our garden is one of my favorite things.  This year it kind of makes me want to cry.  But yesterday we got some much, much, much needed rain.  (Thank goodness.)  This morning I popped out to get some pics of things that are managing to survive the drought and the scorching heat in my yard.

We had some terrible wind a few weeks ago: gusts of 80 mph! Many of our sunflowers were uprooted. This one made it through. 🙂

My mother has given us several different perennial hibiscus plants for our garden. The flowers are large (maybe the size of a saucer or a salad plate) and gorgeous. I am amazed and delighted that something so showy and tropical looking is actually tough and easy to grow in our zone.

This native prairie plant has the best name: Rattlesnake Master! I love how fascinating its flowers are. Plus, being a prairie flower, it is holding up well against the extreme weather we’ve been having.

Neither my husband nor I can recall planting this —it seems to be a miniature variety of Black-Eyed Susan. Regardless of how it came to be in our yard, this lovely native plant is welcome and also holding up well.

These blackberries were one of the few things in our yard when we bought the place. Mostly we leave them to the birds (usually the birds get to them first!) but they are quite tasty.

Butterfly Bush in the backyard. I’ve seen so many insects and hummingbirds visiting this plant, I think it has been especially essential to the survival of many garden friends this summer.

Can’t say enough about how great Knock Out Roses are. These have taken quite a beating this summer and are still blooming —continuous blossoms since May, and they are so easy to care for —really great!

So while things aren’t quite where I’d like them to be, things are still hanging in and some even thriving.  Here’s hoping for a bit more rain the rest of this summer!


One thought on “Summer Drought

  1. Eleenie says:

    Fingers crossed for you, it’s so upsetting to lose plants that you’ve nurtured so tenderly for so long. It’s good to see that some are doing so well, our roses seem to coping well with the heat this year too. Love the butterfly bush.

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