Valley Lake Park in Lakesville, Minnesota

I recently visited Minnesota to see my younger sister and help her out a little following the birth of her second child.  Mostly I entertained my nephew so she could focus on the baby and get in a few much-needed naps.  He and I walked to a nearby park several times.

A portion of the park, looking from one of the trails towards the picnic shelter, beach, and playground.

My nephew and me, enjoying the trails.

He loved the playground.

To slide or not to slide???

Decision made!

Peering through a tunnel.

Roar! Who knew there was a monster hiding in the tunnel? 🙂

Even better than the playground was the beach!

The mallards were very bold. They must get fed a lot by other park visitors.

For the most part, my nephew was happy to just “look with his eyes” at the ducks, although when they’d come really close, he’d ask if he could hold one. That’d be a “no”, sorry!

A mama mallard with some babies we saw while using the trail.

Great fun!


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