Drying Wings

Goodness, what a summer so far!  Near-drought conditions, extreme heat, and then 2 wild inland hurricanes with golf ball sized hail and 80+ mph winds in 3 days!   Got power back yesterday night after being without for 4 days because of the storms.  It was 91 degrees inside our house when the power kicked back on again.  Luckily, a kind friend with power let my husband and myself plus our 5 dogs camp out at her home while we were without.

Last night, a little bit after the fireworks for the 4th of July celebrations in my town, it rained.  And not a crazed, tree-uprooting, street-light-knocking-over kind of rain.  Just a fairly normal rain.  Which was wonderful.  This morning I saw this butterfly sitting on one of our rose bushes, drying its wings.  Tenacious and optimistic for all of its fragility, I suspect I could learn something from this butterfly.


2 thoughts on “Drying Wings

  1. Eleenie says:

    Crikey, what a summer indeed. It’s at times like this you realise who your friends are! Good to hear that you have power again, I hope your property and garden didn’t suffer too much.

    • It has been just weird, weather-wise. Not used to 100+ degree days, we’ve had way too many so far this summer from my point of view. But the tomatoes seem to be thriving, so at least there’s that!

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