Garden Project In The Works

I must be honest:  we don’t have a plan.  We never hired a landscape architect, nor did we ever sit down and sketch out a structure for our garden.  Pretty much everything the gardening books tell you that your supposed to do, planning-wise, we ignored.

When we moved in, our yard was mostly an empty slate:  one large maple tree and a few fruit trees that were cankerous and overgrown in back, 2 rose bushes, 2 lilacs in the side yard, and 3 baby pines planted in a row along the very back of the lot.  That was it.  We knew we wanted a lush, full, cottage/potager style garden.  And trees.  We knew we wanted more and we also knew that we had to take out the sickly fruit trees.  Purchasing the amount of plant material we were wanting can be a pricey endeavor.  We’ve relied on end-of-season sales and the plant sales/auctions at Chadwick Arboretum and Dawes Arboretum to help us achieve our vision on a budget.  And we’ve gotten some insane bargains this way: $5 -$15 dollar trees, $2 shrubs, $.50 perennials.  This approach takes patience, an open mind, and a flexible garden plan because who knows what might be available?

So our garden is ever-evolving:  we’ll look at what we’ve been able to scoop up for cheap, walk the yard, and figure out where to put things.  Beds randomly appear, grow, and shift over time.  We’re in the process of altering two beds right now to merge them into one.

Very early in our garden’s history: planting a pair of pioneer peonies. Often a bed begins with a plant colonist or two plonked into the grass and then a bed is slowly added around it/them….

Two or three years later, there’s the original peony, and the bed that has been added around it!

A slightly different view of those beds, we’re merging the one on the right with the one on the left so that there will still be a pocket of grass at the very back, but not so much in the foreground, if that makes sense?

We’ve decided to merge those beds further and to move the brick path a bit…

Digging out around one of the beds to prep it for sand.

The brick path gets laid atop the sand.

This is still a work in progress, but I’m very excited to see how this change will look once the new path is fully laid!


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