Herb Garden at Inniswood

The herb garden in Inniswood Metro Gardens is pretty spectacular.  This is a view into the garden from a cool gazebo right by one of the entrances into the garden.  There are so many interesting plants and shrubs, and the fragrances all combine into such a lovely scent!

In the foreground here you can see the little Bee Garden within the Herb Garden (love the ceramic skep) and the gazebo behind it.  The gazebo is interesting because it’s very open –the walls are made of wooden trellis material and the roof is too, but covered with clematis so it’s a living roof.  Very neat!

In the background of this picture, you can just see a little hint of a very special element of the Herb Garden:  there’s an amazing boxwood knot garden.  A closer look:

I can remember when this was first planted.  It’s wonderful to see it now in its mature state, all formal,filled in, and gorgeous.

Too bad there’s not an Odorama card for this post, because the lavender collection, part of which is shown above, smelled so nice!  Plus it was cool to see several different varieties all in one place.

On the back side of the lavender beds there was this alpine garden.  In addition to the evergreens, there was some creeping thyme in the planter, too.

Here’s a view towards the herb drying shed located in the Herb Garden.  Although “shed” sounds too utilitarian for such a pretty little place, doesn’t it?  I may have to do a whole post just on the different structures and garden follies at Inniswood Metro Gardens because they have quite a few.  Very inspirational, and I’d love to transport most of them to my own yard!  Actually, I’d take the entire Herb Garden in a heartbeat. 🙂


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