Vintage Dishes!

Managed to get out to a few garage sales over the holiday weekend with my husband.  We had some cool finds, including a 50’s school desk for $1 (!!!).  I also found these dishes at one, and I just had to have them.  Luckily, my husband didn’t roll his eyes too much.  He knows that I have a bizarre affliction concerning dishes:  I collect them as if I’m hoarding them to host a Greek wedding at some future date!  Seriously, I have A LOT of dishes.  I suspect part of the reason I find them so seductive is their practicality:  I do actually use them.

This set, while not complete, came with some great serving pieces:

From 1953, this pattern is called ‘Capistrano’ and was produced by Red Wing Pottery out of Minnesota.  The swallowtail, fruits, and other decorations on the dishes were all hand painted.  As I mentioned, the set I found is incomplete:  it has 18 dinner plates, 18 saucers, but then only 4 tea cups and one dessert plate.  Still, 60 year old dishes in great condition, for about $.80 per piece? I couldn’t say no.   And how great is that teapot???  Tracking down more pieces should be fun, too.

We’re planning on repainting our kitchen soon.  We’ve been talking about using greens on the walls and lower cabinets, and maybe pulling up the icky vinyl floor tiles and painting the sub-flooring until we can put down something better.  Since finding these dishes, we’ve decided to use them as our color inspiration!  Celadon, teal, acid green, and a pine green all show up on them, so we’ll have some fun options to play with.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Dishes!

  1. Very beautiful design. I love the 50s design and there are similarities with scandinavian design.

    • I love 50s design too. And considering how many Scandinavians took up residence in Minnesota (where this was made) after coming to the states, there probably is a Scandinavian influence to this design!

  2. MBW says:

    I love them and have a number of the complimentary pieces from my Great Aunt Bea — yes, Bea — it looks as if she just used them for tea/bridge type stuff — unless some of the larger plates are in a box somewhere

    • I love it! I actually think that if I had a girl I would be very tempted to name her Beatrice so I could then nick-name her Baby Beetroot. It is perhaps just as well I don’t, poor fictitious kid. 🙂

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