The Rose Garden at Inniswood

This morning was achingly gorgeous.  My husband got up very early to take out his kayak while I slept in a little longer.  But by about 7:30,  I couldn’t ignore the call of the beautiful day any longer.  I decided to pop out to a nearby park, Inniswood Metro Gardens, in part to enjoy their rose garden while it was still in bloom.  Glad I did!

The rose garden is structured around a large semicircular trellis/arbor thing, with roses planted in 3 rows on the inside, and more informally on the outside. Helpfully, the roses are all neatly tagged so tracking down a favorite to add to one’s own yard would be fairly simple -assuming you could pick just one favorite!  I couldn’t, but here are a few particularly eye-catching ones from their collection:

‘Cabana’ hybrid tea

‘First Light’ shrub rose

‘Sexy Rexy’ floribunda

‘Oranges and Lemons’ shrub rose

‘Singin’ in the Rain’ floribunda

Be impressed that I managed not to capture random people in these pictures, because the place was crawling!  The Inniswood Metro Gardens are a very popular destination for photographers. During my time at the gardens today I saw maybe 8 professional photographers herding people they were taking portraits of around the grounds.  All of them, from babies to graduates to brides, stopped in the rose garden for some pictures.  Of course, they were maybe more interested in the arbor as a backdrop than in the individual roses, which is a shame because, oh!  What roses!

The rose garden is a relatively small, albeit wonderful, portion of the 123 acre gardens.  Much more to come from Inniswood!  Had a fantastic time tromping around and getting inspired.


2 thoughts on “The Rose Garden at Inniswood

  1. Eleenie says:

    I like the hybrid tea, definitely my favourite of all the rose types.

    • They’re lovely, aren’t they? I think my favorite in my own garden would be the Knock Out varieties of roses. Maybe that’s like saying I like bouquets of carnations, but they are soooo easy. Not at all fussy and they re-bloom. Fantastic!

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