Vegetable Garden

Since we have five dogs, it quickly became apparent to us that we would need to enclose our vegetable patch if we wanted to be able to eat anything from it!  First we tried one large raised bed with temporary green metal mesh fencing around it.  Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to get to any of the veggies in the middle once they’d grown a bit.  A few years ago, we installed this, instead:

Picket fencing encloses the raised beds, with pea gravel paths between them for easy access to the plants.

Gate into veggie patch. Our garden is generally in a sort of “cottage garden” style, I guess.  I find that I like the element of structure and order that the enclosed veggie garden gives to the yard, the contrast between it and the casualness of the plantings around it.

My husband planted the veggies and herbs that he picked out at the OSU plant sale.  He put in:

2 Eva Purple Ball tomato plants

2 Black Prince tomato plants

2 Black from Tula tomato plants

2 Green Zebra tomato plants

2 Pineapple tomato plants

2 Costoluto Genovese tomato plants

3 Kalman’s Hungarian Pink tomato plants

6 sweet pepper plants, 2 Golden Summer peppers, 2 Better Belle peppers, and 2 that should be purple but  from which the tags were missing

3 Fish pepper plants

2 purple jalapeno plants

6 okra plants, 3 each of the ‘Millionaire’ and the ‘Burgundy’ varieties

1 Italian Parsley

1 Hot & Spicy Oregano

1 Sweet Marjoram

2 Lemon Basil plants ‘Mrs. Burns’ variety

2 Holy Basil plants

1 Sweetleaf

Should be delicious!

watering the newly planted pepper and okra plants in the veggie garden.

Grow little plants, grow!


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