A Quick Jaunt Through Dawes Arboretum

As I mentioned earlier, Dawes Arboretum is one of my favorite places to visit.  After our plant shopping on Saturday, we had a quick jaunt through the grounds.  Because the truck was full of delicate plants, we didn’t stay for as long as I would have liked to, but any time spent roaming the grounds is still time well spent!

View from the All Seasons Garden towards the Education Center. I met the gentleman who constructed the wooden obelisk at the plant sale, he was lovely.

View from All Seasons Garden towards surrounding countryside.

There was a special “Story Time” trail through the All Seasons Garden. We didn’t see everything, but we did have an encounter with Bigfoot!

Luckily, things ended well and my husband got away safely!

View into the Azalea Glen. We were there too late this year to witness the glen in it’s full glory. It looks like a tropical paradise when everything is in bloom.

A glorious tri-colored beech tree in the Beech and Buckeye Collection area.

I took pictures of the leaves…

and so did my husband. The leaves were like botanical stained glass when you looked up and saw the sunshine glowing through them.  Gorgeous!

Hiking on Oak Hill, where we saw a red-tailed hawk soaring through the sky.

View into surrounding farmlands, bordered by a Kentucky Coffee Tree allée.

That’s just a little taste.  I’m saving some favorites from the Rare Tree Collection at Dawes for their own separate post, too hard to squeeze them into what is already a picture-filled post.


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