Islamic Art at the Met

The Islamic Art section at the Met was really amazing and beautiful.  I wish the idea of traveling to many locations in the Middle East didn’t feel so overwhelming, there is much I’d like to see in person.  Because just look:

My husband and I were transfixed by this mihrab (prayer niche) from Isfahan, Iran, 1350s. And this is just the tiniest of tastes of what one would see in Isfahan! I would love to travel in Iran. I hope some day there is peace, then such a trip  would seem more feasible.

The Moroccan Courtyard.

detail from the Moroccan Courtyard at the Met.

Phoenix tile, Iran, late 13th century.

Three corner tiles, Iran, early 14th century.

detail of the corner tiles.

Nearly complete chess set, Iran, 12th century.

Really wonderful.


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