Pose like an Egyptian

A statue depicting Hatshepsut, the famous female pharaoh who ruled Ancient Egypt from 1479-1458 BCE. Because she essentially ruled as a man, she was often depicted as one. One tough broad.

Sorry for planting the Bangles earworm, I just couldn’t resist!  When we visited the Met in NYC a few weeks ago, my husband was very patient about the extreme amount of time I wanted to spend admiring and combing through their antiquities collection.   Spectacular!  As I am a closet classicist,  I was pretty much in seventh heaven.  He even managed to look interested as I excitedly blathered on about the significance of the miniature herm statuettes, or explained the larger mythological story behind art featured on some of the vases.  But, lest anyone think that we are too highfalutin’ for words, we also took a ridiculous number of pictures of each other imitating different sculptures from antiquity.  Here are some of them:

Roman nosing

My husband and Socrates. Or Sew-crates, for anyone into the phonetic variation proposed by Bill and Ted.

The resemblance to Herakles is a little lacking, given that I didn’t have the Nemean lion’s pelt to wear as a hooded cape, darn it!

I mentioned that we aren’t actually all that mature, right?

A modern recreation of an Ancient Egyptian wig. The gold beads woven into the wig were from antiquity.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a Cleopatra-esque good hair day, who can say no to a good wig?


6 thoughts on “Pose like an Egyptian

  1. Eleenie says:

    Haha, love it!

  2. Shanshan says:

    Hi, I really like your blog post!
    I’ve used two pictures from this post in my blog for a class assignment. Hope you don’t mind it, but if you do mind that, just let me know and I can take them off, thx!
    Here’s the link to my blog: http://www.shanshancheng.blogspot.com/

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