Blooming Viburnum

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum

We have 3 different kinds of viburnum in our yard, and they are starting to bloom.  The one above looks quite lovely, almost blindingly white in the sun.  It should put on a show for about 2 more weeks.

This one is budding but not quite yet blooming:

The tag for this one is long lost—my husband and I picked it up at a plant sale at the Dawes Arboretum years ago.  We actually originally planted it in the yard of our first apartment together, and then transplanted it when we bought our house.  (Hardy shrub!)  But I’m pretty sure this is a Viburnum prunifolium, I keyed it out using a nifty guide at

This is an exciting year, the plant is completely covered in buds!  It’s always bloomed for us in the past, just not very much.  Last spring it only had about 6 of the panicles on it, total.  It’s thrilling to see how good it looks this spring, I can hardly wait until it’s properly in bloom!

The third waits until late spring to bloom and isn’t doing much just yet…

One last look at our visitor from earlier, haven’t seen him since:



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